Below is a list of draft legislative proposals submitted by OSB groups for sponsorship in the 2015 session of the Oregon Legislature. The OSB Board of Governors approved the Law Improvement Package on April 25, 2014 with a request that the Public Affairs Department work with bar groups to continue to refine their proposals while working with internal and external stakeholders and relevant state agencies. We will update the website periodically.

If you have any questions about these proposals or about the OSB Legislative process, please feel free to contact:

2015 OSB Law Improvement Proposals

1. SB 381 - Timeline, Out-of-State Delegation, Board of Bar Examiners - Removes current
statutory requirements specifying reasonable notices and time to cure defaults. Also adds a
nineteenth member to the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors specifically elected by and
from the out-of-state bar membership. Modifies Board of Bar Examiners. PASSED.
Chapter 122 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date May 20, 2015.

2. HB 2327 - Custodianship - Allows the Oregon State Bar to take custodianship of an
attorney's files and trust accounts under specific circumstances. PASSED. Chapter 6
(2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date March 12, 2015.

3. HB 2328 - Entity Representation - Amends ORS 9.320 to clarify that legal entities other than
corporations are required to appear through counsel. PASSED. Chapter 7 (2015 Oregon
Laws): Effective date March 12, 2015.


5. SB 372 - Machine Readable Final Orders - Requires that agency final orders must be
submitted to the Oregon State Bar or its designee in machine readable format. Follow-up bill
to SB 52 (2013). Withdrawn by Administrative Law Section.


6. HB 2336 - Filing and Service by Third-Party Commercial Carriers - Modifies ORS 19.260 to
allow for filing and service of initiating documents by a third-party commercial carrier.
PASSED. Chapter 80 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date May 18, 2015.


7. HB 2330 - Dissenters' Rights and Plan Filing - Clarifies the procedure that non-consenting
shareholders must use to exercise dissenters' rights. Also streamlines the requirement to
file a plan merger, plan of share exchange, or plan conversion. PASSED. Chapter 28 (2015
Oregon Laws): Effective date January 1, 2015.


8. SB 367 - Debt Transfer in a Foreclosure - Transfers responsibility for paying homeowners
association fees during a redemption period from the judgment debtor to the certificate
holder/purchaser. PASSED. Chapter 120 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date January 1,


9. SB 368 - Money Awards in Judicial Foreclosure - Clarifies the responsibility for paying
homeowners association fees and condo association fees during a redemption period.
PASSED. Chapter 291 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date June 8, 2015.


10. SB 369 - Digital Assets - Adopts the Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act that has been
produced by the National Conference of Uniform State Laws Commission. DIED. In
committee upon adjournment.

11. HB 2331 - Uniform Trust Code - Makes several changes to ORS Chapter 130 (Uniform
Trust Code). The issues covered include: the early vesting rule of trusts, the separate share
rule, and the allocation of realize capital gains to distributions. PASSED. Chapter 126 (2015
Oregon Laws): Effective date January 1, 2016.


12. SB 370 - Retirement Benefits for Former Spouses - Amends ORS 237.600 and 237.465 to
allow the former spouse of a public retirement plan holder to receive survivor or death
benefits to the extent provided in a court order, even if the former spouse had not retired at
the time of his or her death. PASSED. Chapter 503( 2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date
June 19, 2015.

13. HB 2332 - Exchange of Financial Documents - Allows former spouses to exchange
financial documents without a formal court proceeding. Allows the former spouses to
determine if there has been a change in a party's circumstances sufficient to necessitate a
modification of the spousal support provisions of a divorce decree without filing with the
court. DIED. Tabled in Senate upon adjournment.


14. HB 2333 - Minority Tolling - Corrects an inadvertent change to the Minority Tolling Statute
made in HB 2366 (2007) that may have rendered that statute inapplicable to the Oregon Tort
Claims Act. PASSED. Chapter 510 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date June 22, 2015.


15. HB 2334 - Timeline for Filing Hardship Affidavit - Modifies the requirements surrounding the
submission of a hardship affidavit with a complaint in the regular section of the Oregon Tax
Court. PASSED. Chapter 45 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date October 5, 2015.


16. HB 2335 - Criminal Trespass Correction - Amends the definition of "Enter or Remain
Unlawfully" in the "Burglary and Criminal Trespass" section of ORS Chapter 164 to make
the wording of the statute consistent with the Supreme Court's interpretation of the statute.
PASSED. Chapter 10 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date January 1, 2016.


17. SB 371 - Closure Notices and Interpreter Services - Requires insurers of self-insured
employers to mail copies of a closure notice to any statutory beneficiaries of a deceased
worker and establish two tiers of appeal rights: those beneficiaries who were mailed copies
have 60 days to appeal a notice and those who were not mailed a copy of the closure notice
have one year to appeal. Amends ORS 656.268 to expressly require payment for deposition
interpreter services by the insurer or self-insured employer if necessary. PASSED. Chapter
144 (2015 Oregon Laws): Effective date May 21, 2015.